Taste Like a Sommelier

Taste Like a Sommelier

Classes by Kessler - Charleston

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Immerse yourself in a 60-minute tasting course. Our Sommelier will lead you through a focused tasting of three wines, exploring regions, elevations, soil types and more.  You'll learn about the cultures of influence, a little history, science and artistry along the way. The true challenge begins at the end of class where an unknown wine will be presented and questions will be asked.  Of course, there are prizes for winners.  

From beginners to connoisseurs, this class is perfect for date night, an artful evening with friends, or an unexpected activity during your family vacation. Once you’ve learned new tricks and mastered your palate, you can show off your skills at our Wine Blending class.

Each week is a different class, so come be surprised or send a message and see what you'll be tasting.  

Guests find the wine tasting experience:

  • Educational – Conquer the mystery of grapes with the help of our passionate wine professionals and develop a foundation for tasting that you can take home with you.
  • Engaging – Stimulate your senses as you assess colors, compare smells, and contrast tastes using fruits and spices to test your palate.
  • Inspiring – Share your ideas with the class to enhance your knowledge and determine your preferences for various types of wines.

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